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I'm Sam

Student, developer, and maker of things.

Learning, building, and striving to create impact.

About me

👋 Hey there! I am a student with a passion for programming, learning, and creating. My coding journey began in grade 4, with Scratch. Since then, I have acquired many new skills and opportunities. Now, I have various projects ranging from tile-based games, to robotic arms, and to hosting in-person events. I always seek new learning opportunities and challenges to push my comfort zone.

The web offers great opportunities for me to learn, create, and share what I love. This website was built from scratch using SvelteKit and libaries, not website generators or builders and is open source. Making a website has been a great learning experience. Thanks for stopping by! Continue scrolling to see more of what I do.

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These are things that I am working on, contributing to, or stuff that I have done in the past.

Interested in something you see? Questions? Let's connect!

AngelHacks Toronto


On May 27, 2023, 50 teenagers across Eastern Canada gathered in downtown Toronto for a coding event for students, by students. AngelHacks Toronto was a 12 hour hackathon/game-jam running alongside 2 other AngelHacks events with over 200 participants across North America. All organization for AngelHacks Toronto was done by a student team of 4, which I was a major contributor of. This event was presented by Hack Club, a global network of high school programmers and clubs.


Contributor, Workshops, Reviewer

Sprig is a tool developed by Hack Club for anyone to create tile-based games with JavaScript. It's designed to be easy to use and learn so people can quickly get started. High/middle school students who submit a game to the gallary can get a free console to run their games! I have been involved with Sprig early after release. I have contributed to the codebase and currently is a reviewer for game submissions to the gallary. I have written and hosted workshops relating to Sprig to spread my knowledge.