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I'm Sam

Student, developer, and maker of things.

Learning, building, and striving to create impact.


Hey there! I'm Sam, a high-schooler, self-taught developer, and maker of things. I'm always learning, building, and sharing my journeys and products, hoping to create an impact on this world, no matter the size.

I started to code in elementary school. Looking back, I have conducted many projects ranging from tile-based games to Arduino robotic arms to hosting in-person events and workshops. I am proud of my work, but a ton still lies ahead in my journey. I always seek new learning opportunities and challenges to push my comfort zone.

The web is an amazing space full of knowledge and creativity. This website was built by hand, and is open source as usual. Making a website is not only a great learning experience, but allows me to share what I do and love with the world. Welcome to my space on the interwebs!

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